Break It No More!

Since I am no longer interested to support the Windows 8/RT Eco System Break It will be removed from the Windows Store on January 15, 2014. Thanks to all who downloaded the Game and played it. Maybe at some point I will make the Game work inside the browser and put it on the website […]

Break It now open source

Break It is now open source on GitHub under the MIT License . Check It out: But now the catch: It contains no assets or project files. I choose to do it this way because I didn’t want it to be easy to build. I just wanted to share my code with other beginners. The […]

Break It – Update 1.1

The first Break It update should be available in a few hours. It is currently in the certification process of the Windows Store. With the update comes a suspend and resume feature, so you finally can take a break while playing and start off right where you left the game. The session should also work […]

Break It is out!

So I don’t know if you know this already but “Break It” is out now. You can find it via search in the Windows Store or you may just click this link right here: The game runs on every Desktop Machine that supports Windows 8 (x86 or x64) and Direct3D9. The ARM Version for […]

Release is Nigh!

My first Game awaits it’s release on the Windows Store, so I decided to clean up my online presence. This means I will make some changes to this Blog (new Theme and Title) and I will make sure that all my social network profiles are up to date. I make some posts about my first […]

Prospect of better English

I’m currently reading a very nice Book by the magnificent Terry Pratchett which is about life, the Universe, and everything. Not just about football mind you. But this Post is not really about the Book itself as it is more about my basic understanding of the English language. At this point i thought my English […]