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I’m currently reading a very nice Book by the magnificent Terry Pratchett which is about life, the Universe, and everything. Not just about football mind you. But this Post is not really about the Book itself as it is more about my basic understanding of the English language. At this point I thought my English proficiency is rather good and sufficient enough to get the basic meaning of a sentence but every time I'm reading a book from Sir Pratchett I have the feeling that I don’t get the real meaning of the sentence. And this is something that haunts me in my sleep. There are nights where I wake up, covered in sweat, mumbling to myself and trying to find the answer. And while I think it’s not only a Problem with the language itself it certainly is something I could easily fix before tackling the other Problems. The first thing I have to do is to learn English again. See I've learned English in a German school and while my teacher was an excellent Woman her teachings suffered under the German way to teach. We didn’t have to speak English in class and all the assignments where given in German. Ergo the only thing we really learned was some vocabulary and a little bit of grammar. But I wanted a bit more so I started to watch English TV, played Video Games in English and of course I started to read English books and papers. But after all these years I didn’t try to really learn English. I was fine with my basic understanding of the language and I simply didn’t bother any more. And right now it haunts me!

So my first steps are to learn English Grammar again and I will try to extend my Vocabulary further. Also I have to try writing down my thoughts in English to get some exercise in “thinking in English” if that makes any sense to you. You see in German I can write my thoughts down very fluently and I could easily fill pages and pages of crap that goes on in my mind right now. But to put it down in another language is not so easy, but not impossible! I just have to exercise more.

20 December 2011Talk to me