Daniel Drywa

Break It is out!

My first Windows Store game has been released

Break It Logo

So I don’t know if you know this already but Break It is out now. You can find it via search in the Windows Store or you may just click this link right here: https://breakit.drywa.me. The game runs on every Desktop Machine that supports Windows 8 (x86 or x64) and Direct3D9. The ARM Version for Tablets is coming soon!

The game itself is a Breakout clone with smaller bricks and coins you can gather to boost up your Points. I will make a post about the development process as soon as the update is done. Which brings me to the next Point: I’m currently working on the next version of the game that supports suspend/resume and has a local user based High-score.

If you encounter any bugs within the game or if you want to give me some feedback feel free to contact me via email or all other various social networks.

22 January 2013Talk to me