Daniel Drywa

Break It – Update 1.1

The new version is now available in the Windows Store

The first Break It update is now available. With this update comes a suspend and resume feature, so you finally can take a break while playing and start off right where you left the game. The session should also work with roaming so you can take your session on to another PC. Also I finally implemented a local Windows 8 user based high-score table. This way you always remember your best play through.

The best new feature in this update may be the trial mode. If you haven’t bought the game yet you can now play it for 24h for free. It is the complete game with just one feature missing: the high-score table. So just jump to the Windows Store and check it out!

This will not be the last update of the game but as far as I can tell there won’t be any more feature rich updates. Probably only a patch with some bug-fixes. This is mainly because I have a new project in the pipeline from which you will hear soon and since this was my very first Windows Store based application that I ever wrote the code base is pretty much a mess. And I figured why spend time extending a simple and small game when I could just start a new project where I utilize all the things I learned from this one.

26 January 2013Talk to me