Daniel Drywa

Break It now open source

Source on GitHub and the Game itself is now free

Break It is now open source on GitHub under the MIT License. Check It out: http://github.com/TheSatoshiChiba/BreakIt.free

But now the catch: It contains no assets or project files. I choose to do it this way because I didn’t want it to be easy to build. I just wanted to share my code with other beginners. The code is pretty much a mess and so is the whole Project but I think it is good for other coding beginners to see that you don’t have to be afraid of working with C++. I made this Project while I still was learning C++ and of course it shows. But hey look at it this way: I accomplished something with this language while still learning so it should not be a problem for you to make something great with it. I also wanted to write some lines about the whole development process and what was really challenging about the whole Project but I am really neck deep in Work right now so let me just write down some punchlines about the whole deal:

  • C++ is scary at first but the new standard makes it very enjoyable to work with.
  • Direct3D11 is complex if you come from Direct3D9 or even XNA. But after a while it makes perfect sense.
  • Windows Media Foundation is very difficult to work with if you are completely new to the whole thing. I ended up just using some tutorial code to play music and sounds.
  • DirectWrite and Direct2D are absolutely useless for a Game. They just add a new level of complexity that you don’t really need.
  • C++/CX is absolutely horrible if you just want to code in ISO C++ 11.
  • The Windows Runtime is a mess of namespaces that add another layer of complexity that was not really needed. I do like the API because it is somewhat cleaner then the Win32 API but it still is a pile of poo.
  • C++ is just a second class citizen in the documentation of the Windows Runtime.
  • DirectXTK is nice to use for a beginner but at the end I wished I had made my own Framework on top of Direct3D.
  • The Windows Store is really easy to use and except for some Hick-ups on my first package upload I had no problems at all.

So there you go. I wish I had more time to write a bit more about the whole experience but I have a new Job that takes up my whole time and at weekends I am working on my new Game. You will hear about the latter soon and I think I will tweet and blog a bit more about the whole development process of my second game. See you soon!

10 March 2013