Daniel Drywa

I used to...

A look into my past self

I used to...

...build roller coasters out of paper and carboard with little paper clip-on cars.

...build a Dino park made of paper, cardboard, string, and a bunch of dinosaurs made out of kitchen items and LEGOs.

...create toys out of ordinary every-day items.

...construct buildings, railroads, space-ships, castles, cars, and entire miniature cities out of LEGO pieces that were piled up on the floor.

...draw comics about already established characters and worlds or my own creations.

...draw pictures of people, buildings, and worlds.

...draw maps of imagined worlds and floor plans of non-existing buildings such as underground research facilities and space stations.

...write short stories of already established worlds and characters or my own creations.

...create my own board and card games to play with friends and family.

...create my own worlds with video-game modding tools.

...create my own games with game-makers or even completely programmed from scratch.

...program my own tools and libraries to help with my own creations.

...build websites for friends, family, myself, and sometimes for no one in particular.

...craft things for people that meant a lot to me.


Now I am used to consume. I forgot how to be creative.

It is time to change.

16 December 2018Talk to me