Daniel Drywa

I am going on a Journey

And I hope you are coming with me

I am currently in the process of learning a lot about low level game development, hardware design, operating systems, and the Rust programming language. There is a lot of material to read and absorb and it takes a long time to find good resources that add value. So I thought it would be a good idea to share what I have learned in a condensed form in the hopes it will bring value to anyone reading it. And what better way to share my lessons in the form of a somewhat structured development journal.

In the journal I will talk about the development of a small arcade game in Rust without the usage of a game engine or game framework. However instead of rushing through the basics straight to the gameplay I want to take a few detours on the way where I will talk in detail about Rust, the compiler, the operating system, the hardware, and a few other things as they become relevant. It is very likely that I won't reach the rendering of graphics for quite a while.

The goal is to develop a good foundation and understanding of what it takes to make a game from scratch, how it runs on the hardware, and how to use Rust. There are a number of other and more direct methods to create a game such as tools and engines that allow you to develop high quality games on a very professional level. If all you want to take away from this journey is how to make a game then you should probably use one of these tools or engines instead.

Everything you need to follow me on this journey is a Linux installation (I am using Fedora 29 - VM is fine), the Rust programming language, and patience. This will be a long journey with a lot of ups and downs. Mistakes will be made, but I will try my best to correct them. But most of all, I think it will be a lot of fun :)

Let's go!

29 January 2019 (Updated: 22 February 2019)Talk to me