What am I doing here?

My next blog post has to add value. It needs to be educational in some way and it needs to be full of insight and wit. It needs to wow the reader and it will be adored and cherished for the whole lifespan of the internet as we know it. These thoughts, albeit exaggerated here, have been keeping me from writing anything at all. I was immobilised by my fear of failing to live up to my own expectations. Expectations that were unfounded and arrogant. In Reality: no one gives a shit!

The idea that anyone is waiting in anticipation for my next blog post is preposterous. I am not a public person of any significance or following. This self-imposed pressure of having to write something of significance comes from the fact that this blog is out in the open for the whole world to see. But just because it is out in the open doesn’t mean anyone is looking at it.

It is arrogant of me to assume that I know what adds value to you, to my mum, or to anyone else in this world. All I am able to know for sure is what adds value to me. And maybe, with some luck, the thing that adds value to my life will also add value to someone else’s. So from now on I will write whatever comes to my mind, makes me happy, and adds value to my life.