Daniel Drywa

  1. I used to... 2018-12-16

    A look into my past self

  2. Simple Windows API Window With Rust 2017-07-02

    We are creating a simple window with Rust on Windows 10

  3. Reverse Word Pairs 2016-02-27

    My take on a interview programming test

  4. std::aligned_storage template class 2014-08-03

    A simple gist that handles aligned storage in C++11

  5. My Programming Environment on Ubuntu 2014-07-23

    Or: How a mad-man works on Ubuntu

  6. Goodbye Microsoft 2014-07-20

    I don't like the direction you are going

  7. Break It now open source 2013-03-10

    Source on GitHub and the Game itself is now free

  8. Break It – Update 1.1 2013-01-26

    The new version is now available in the Windows Store

  9. Break It is out! 2013-01-22

    My first Windows Store game has been released

  10. Prospect of better English 2011-12-20

    My personal quest towards learning English